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Handmade Paper Vessels, Ceremonial Urns and Neck Sculptures

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Paper Vessels

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Ceremonial Vessels / Burial Urns

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Handmade Paper Vessels

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“Transforming” - Left View

“Transforming” - center view

“Transforming” - Right view”

“Purple Vessel with Red and green Buds”

“Purple vessel with Green Shoots”

“ Sprouting Spring Shoots”

“Love Nest”

“Secret Garden”

“September Sky”


“Spirit Well”

"Soul's Dream"

“Flowering” - yellow vessel detail

“Flowering” - green vessel detail

“Flowering” - purple vessel detail"

“Green Tendril”

“Sweet Pea”

“Green& Red Nubbins”

“Dream Catcher”

“Purple and Red Vessel”

“Cream and Brown Vessel”

“Rust Vessel”

“Blue and Purple Nubbins”

“Guardian Stones”

“Guardian Rock”

“Burnt Orange Seed Pod”

“Brown Seed Pod”

“Love Nest”

“Sprouting Shoots”

“Vessel with Trumpet Vine Pods”

Ceremonial Vessels / Burial Urns

The ceremonial vessels/burial urns are one of a kind and have been made with much thought. care and love.
There are many ways they can be used to honour and mark a special occasion in life, for example, a birth of a son or daughter. Family relatives and friends may wish to write a thought, a poem, or a message of love for the child, which can be kept inside the vessel. Throughout the person's life, on important occasions such as "coming of age", a graduation from school or college, a marriage, a 50th birthday, an anniversary, a retirement and finally a death. More words or memories may be put inside the vessel.
These works of art may be used for a sweat lodge. or a spiritual Gathering, to be filled with herbs, healing words and thoughts.
The vessels are made from natural materials and may be burnt in a ceremonial fire, buried in the ground, submerged in a large body of water, or because of their unique purpose, they may be kept in a place of honour in someone's home.

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Blue Ceremonial Vessel / burial Urn

“Earth” ceremonial vessel / urn

“Sea grass” Ceremonial vessel / Burial Urn

Purple Ceremonial vessel / Burial Urn

“Red Ceremonial vessel / Burial Urn”

Purple Ceremonial Vessel / Burial Urn

“Sailing Over” Ceremonial vessel / Burial Urn

"Grey Blue" Ceremonial vessel

Green Ceremonial Vessel / Burial Urn

Wedding Vessels / Ceremonial Vessels $450.00

Vows, or words of love, are placed inside the wedding vessels, or ceremonial vessels. I sculpt the vessels in clay then make a mold, which I cover in handmade paper made from abaca pulp, dyed with pigments. I use layers of chalk pastels on the surface. The rim of the vessels and the lids are woven with cord wrapped in threads. I fasten the lid to the base with semi precious stones and braided threads. The vessels come in a variety of colours.

6 inches high x 13 inches in circumference.

Cream Wedding Vessels

“Wedding Ceremonial Vessel”

“Wedding Ceremonial Vessel”

Sailing Vessels

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“ Desert Vessel”

"Green Boat with Golden Sail"

“ Eucalyptus”


"White Sailing Vessel"

“Blue Vessel”

“Gallinula 2”

“Royal Tern”

“Blue Vessel with Raffia”


“Canoe with Raffia”


“Elfin Boat with Trumpet Vine Pods”

“Blue vessel with white sail”


“Sea Wave” Vessel with Water Chestnut

“Sea Vessel”

"Sailing Vessel with White Sail"

Sailing Vessel with yellow sail

Ghost Ship


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